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What We Do

Data & AI

What We Do

Challenges we can overcome together!

Poor data quality

Data is a useful asset for any business, but it needs to be of high quality to be valuable as poor data quality can lead to poor decision-making, as it was based on incorrect or incomplete data. Rapid Circle’s expertise in data strategy, data governance and implementation on Microsoft Azure can help your business improve its data quality.

Lack of usable insights

Businesses often struggle connect the right questions with the right data, which can result in missed opportunities and inefficient decision-making. Visualised using Power BI, our expertise helps teams predict, manage, and make better decisions which lead to increased efficiency and improved business outcomes.

Manual data processing

Manual data processing is slow and prone to human errors, which can cause bottlenecks and slow down business operations. Whether it is simple ETL, or complex Ingestion, orchestration, transformation and enrichment, we can help you streamline your how you process your data, reducing errors, increasing efficiency, and unlocking the power of machine learning.


It's time to unleash
the potential of your data.


Make a difference with Microsoft and unlock your potential by using:

Power BI

Azure Data Platform is a comprehensive cloud-based solution that enables organisations to store, process, analyse, and gain insights from vast amounts of data through a range of integrated services and tools. Our strategy is supported by: Microsoft Fabric, Synapse Data Factory, Logic Apps and Azure Database.

Open AI

Azure OpenAI Service provides state-of-the-art coding and language AI models that can be customized and tailored to meet the unique requirements of your organization, enabling a wide range of applications across various use cases.

Power BI

Unify data from many sources to create interactive, immersive dashboards that allow organisations to visualise, analyse, and share data insights in a user-friendly and interactive manner while providing reports that drive business results.

Data & AI Vision


Build your competitive advantage by putting your data to use, and applying AI to do what you could only imagine a few years ago. With the power of Microsoft Azure, your business can gain valuable insight, automate processes, predict your next moves, and make informed, data-driven decisions.

The result? Increased efficiency, reduced cost, and improved customer experiences. In addition, stay ahead of industry trends, identify new opportunities, and adapt quickly to changing market conditions. In this future, businesses that prioritise data and AI are more likely to succeed and thrive in the long run.

Digital Future

73% of your data isn't being used to grow your business.

Your organisation generates enormous amounts of data daily and up to 73% of it goes unused. Data that could be utilised to help predict, manage, and inform decisions that help you and your team stay ahead of your competition.

However, to make sense of your data, it is necessary to use the right tools. The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform, powered by Azure provides the essential tools for accomplishing this task. Unlock the full potential of your organisation’s data with Microsoft’s comprehensive suite of data and AI solutions, including big data processing, data warehousing, data lake storage, advanced data visualisation tools, and powerful data science capabilities.

We can help your business to leverage the power of data and AI to improve operational efficiency, productivity, innovation, and deliver better business outcomes.